My Android Applications

I'm currently in the process of rolling out a series of Android applications.

The first application is available in the Android Market now - it's called _My Stocks_ ($1.99).

_My StocksI released _My Stocks_ on September 28, 2010. I built the application because it's something that I personally wanted on my phone, and I figured that others may find it useful as well. It's not a complicated application. It doesn't have things flying across the screen or anything like that, it's just a simple application that you can use to keep an eye on your stock portfolio.

_My Stocks_ has been updated several times since it was released in September. Check it out.

_My Stocks_
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The next application will be built around news and information. I'm probably several weeks to a couple of months away from releasing it, but when I do, I will update this page.

Keith Vance
September 28, 2010.